Stepping Up

I haven’t posted on here for a while, and boy has life moved on since then…

In the last year I’ve learned a lot about my body and mind, and how they work – and have taken steps to help me feel better about myself, inside and out.  With Tim‘s help I’ve got stronger and lighter, improved my running performance, and as a result improved my confidence and self-esteem.  My performance on the water has also improved, I think, by tiny increments:  whether that’s as a result of improved confidence or strength, or whether it’s in my own mind I don’t know – but it feels pretty darned good either way.  I’ve also managed, for the first time in the five years I’ve been working in the Outdoor industry, to maintain a constant weight throughout the summer season, rather than gaining body fat whilst working away from home.

So this week I’ve taken a big step.  I posted a while ago that I planned to sign up with Future Fit Training, to train as a Personal Trainer.  Well, I’ve done that – and this week was the first practical step to achieving that goal.

Now, I’m a coach.  I coach movement – albeit on the water, in kayaks – but it’s still movement.  But this is different:  two years ago I didn’t know what a Deadlift was, let alone being able to do one well, even less coach it.  I found the gym environment incredibly intimidating, and suffered from a huge lack of confidence in my own body and what it could do with my brain powering it.

So heading down to London for my Gym Instructor practical training this week felt like an enormous leap: I still find it intimidating going to a new gym, and I still lack some confidence.  Would I turn up to find a course full of skinny teenagers, expert lifters and gym bunnies?  Would I be the weakest link?

As is often the case with these things, the reality turned out to be a long way from my imaginings:  a course with a really varied group, of all ages, both genders and a wide range of backgrounds, all wondering if we would be the weakest link!

So I stepped up to the plate:  3 days in a gym environment with other people, learning from a very experienced and really excellent tutor, passionate about coaching, just like me.  Not surprisingly, I found the coaching element came easily; but so, to my surprise, does the movement it seems.  Despite my under-confidence I thoroughly enjoyed refining skills I already understand, and learning new ones; and I left the course feeling hugely enthused about coaching others in a gym environment.

So here’s to the next stage.  Even a year ago, I couldn’t have imagined sitting here writing these words.  Never say never…

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