Putting my money where my mouth is.

I never, ever thought I’d say this:  Personal Training has changed my life.

Just under two years ago I wrote the first post on this blog, documenting how I felt about where I was with my weight and fitness.  Despite being a professional sports person I was unhappy with my weight, with how I looked and with how I felt other people perceived me.  I’ve battled since childhood with all of these things, struggled to break habits and to really understand my own body.  The last two years – and in particular the last 6 months- have completely changed that.  My own journey continues, and I now realise it always will, but I now feel much happier in my own skin, as though I know myself and my body better, and have the tools to manage it.


What is it that helped me get there?  Pretty simple really:  working with Tim.  Having a coach to train and advise me, to give me a kick up the backside when I’ve needed it and feedback and encouragement when appropriate.  Given my job, you’d have thought I might have worked that out earlier…!

So, I’ve made a decision.  As the title says, I’m going to put my own money where my mouth is, and begin training as a Personal Trainer myself.  I’ve learnt an enormous amount so far, going through this process to get where I am, and am now thoroughly converted to the use of strength & conditioning training for all aspects of fitness.  So, I want to use my coaching skills to add another ‘string to my bow’ as they say.

I plan to complete the training in the spring of 2019, and from then on be able to offer training services – one-to-one and group sessions – to paddlers and non-paddlers alike.   I don’t know yet quite where this will take me, but I’m incredibly excited about the idea, and about what it might allow me to do for my paddlesports clients, and for non-paddling clients too.

I’ve become more and more convinced of the benefits of strength training for paddlers, and have changed the way I coach on the water as a result.  I hope that from 2019 onwards I’ll be able to genuinely mesh the two, for those that want it, to offer a unique package of services for recreational paddlers in the UK.

I also hope to be able to help those that struggle in the same way as I do: with weight, self esteem, and confidence in a society that wants us to be slim-looking and fit, but bombards us with food that does not help us to be so.

I’m a firm believer in the ‘Pass it on’ principle.  I’m daunted, and a little nervous, but very excited about the prospect of being able to pass on the good stuff that Tim has given to me so far, and to the finding out where the next stage of my journey is going to take me.

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